Are You Limiting Your Own Vision For The Future

So many of us right at this moment are stuck in a ditch. It’s certainly not because you aren’t capable; it’s not because you don’t already possess the Lord’s love and blessings, but it’s due to the fact  your perspective is restricted.

Some people can’t see beyond their own predicament. They don’t see (or envision) themselves accomplishing their particular dreams and ambitions or even possibly living much more happier and healthy life.

Many people just simply observe more of the same merely because it’s exactly what they consciously decide to focus on. What you “observe and focus on” is precisely what you’re likely to proceed in the direction of.

The fact remains, all of us have thoughts of where we see ourselves in the future. Every one of us possess a image within our thought process of our self, our family and a picture of what our future will look like (good or bad). The question is: what does your “picture”  look like? Can you envision yourself rising much higher, conquering obstacles, living an abundant life? Are brave enough to dream outside your present mindset?

Today, why don’t you radically change your current way of thinking? Lift your vision beyond your circumstances. Dream big and get a larger perspective for your life. And see yourself the way Jesus sees you-living an abundant life.

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