God Please Help Me Change My Life

God Please Help Me Change My Life

God please help me you are ask­ing? If you are read­ing this please know your steps have been directed by God. He led you here. How do I know that? I was in your posi­tion where I was cry­ing out “God please help me with my life. God please help me get rid of the pain and depres­sion.” Basi­cally I was ask­ing God please help me for just about every­thing. It wasn’t until I real­ized that God was by my side all along that all I needed to do was allow God god please helpinto my life. That’s it really! I took an active role in seek­ing God. I was the one who knocked on His Door and He opened it for me and my fam­ily. You see my friend, when you seek God (like you are now), even in the most sub­tle way, you “acti­vate” your faith and God rec­og­nizes that and inter­cedes on your behalf. If you want to turn your life around you will need to make God first place in your life. This is the begin­ning of your jour­ney in Christ.

God Please Help Me — I Have No Peace In My LIfe

Let’s face who wants to be unhappy or mis­er­able? Today more than ever there are mil­lions of peo­ple strug­gling in life for all sorts of rea­sons and prob­a­bly in their own way, cry­ing out God please help me. All look­ing for answers and not find­ing any or at least not find­ing any that will give one a sense of con­sis­tent peace, rest and hap­pi­ness in their life. The more one searches for answers the more they real­ize their prob­lems seem too big to fix. The bat­tle is not yours my friend. It’s God’s.

But when does one actu­ally admit and sub­mit that unless they change some­thing in their life, noth­ing will change? How do you know if you reached this point? Are you cry­ing out God please help me? Chances are if you are ask­ing God please help, that you are at that point now.

God Please Help Me Find A Job

Typ­i­cally if you are like most peo­ple there is more than one thing that you are bat­tling in your life. For God Please Help Meexam­ple, if you lost a job and have been out of work for some time and you’re in a rela­tion­ship or mar­ried, chances are the stress from your finan­cial hard­ship has put a tremen­dous bur­den on you and your sig­nif­i­cant other. And from all this going on in your life, you are mis­er­able and depressed fur­ther per­pet­u­at­ing and wors­en­ing the frac­ture in your rela­tion­ship. Instead of things get­ting bet­ter they spi­ral out of con­trol and get worse.  From my per­sonal expe­ri­ence you are so beaten down by your prob­lems that you feel “trapped” and “help­less” with no light at the end of the tun­nel. Emo­tion­ally your feel numb and for­got what it feels like to be happy and to laugh and smile. You yearn to feel good about your­self and feel like a human being again. Does this sound famil­iar? Per­haps you can relate?

So I ask again, “How do you know if you reached this point?” “When is enough, enough?” The fact that you are read­ing this now is indi­ca­tion it’s time to make a change.

God Please Help Me — The Solu­tion: The answer is real sim­ple. It’s time to turn over your prob­lems to the Lord. He promises that the bat­tle is NOT yours but His. That’s right the bat­tle is God’s to fight not yours. But you have to want to estab­lish a rela­tion­ship with Jesus. It is my belief that the Holy Spirit led you here and God wants you to invite Him into your life so He can help you.

God also makes this promise to you:

“Come to me, all you who are weary and bur­dened, and I will give you rest. 29 Take my Dear God Please Help Meyoke upon you and learn from me, for I am gen­tle and hum­ble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls. 30 For my yoke is easy and my bur­den is light.” Matthew 11:28–30

God Please Help Me Prayer:

Lord God help me find my way and get my life back on the right track. You said your yoke is easy and bur­den is light and you will pro­vide rest for my soul. I invite you into my life and today Lord I make you my Lord and Sav­ior, in Jesus’ name, Amen.

The first place you should start is to offer prayers to God. To learn more about how to pray and offer­ing prayers to God, just click the link [Prayers To God]. From that point check out the arti­cle on “Will God Help Me?” [Will God Help Me] as well as all the other spir­i­tual infor­ma­tion on the site. And please don’t for­get to sign up for our Blog.

I pro­duced a video to the clas­sic song “Bridge Over Trou­bled Water” by Simon and Gar­funkel. It reminds me of how God is in the midst of your life and how deep His love is for us. The songs always lifts my spirits-Enjoy and expe­ri­ence the love and pres­ence of God in your life!

Expe­ri­ence the Pres­ence of God today!

8 thoughts on “God Please Help Me Change My Life

  1. Why does every­one tell me and oth­ers to pray, I have been for a year now along with a few friends and my life has been worse, my hus­band of 30 years has left me last year, now divorced, no alimony, no pen­sion, lost my home to fore­clo­sure, car reposessed lost my job, am liv­ing on friends and fam­i­lies couches, I apply for jobs daily for almost a year now and have not been hired as of yet, I am at the low­est of lows. I have tried sui­cide twice now in the year but some­one has always found me, next time i will have to find a pri­vate place where no one will find me. I cant go on with the con­stnt chest pain and my face feel­ing like it is on fire 24/7, I cant breathe any­more because it hurts also. I for the last week have been pray­ing for for­give­ness and for God to take me to heaven and leaave this earth. Maybe God will be kind and answer that prayer since my faith has fallen off the last year. Peo­ple tell you to get meds, how can you with no money no car no health ins. They gave me pills my last sui­cide attempt but when they run out I have no way to replace them. I have signed up for gov­er­ment assis­tance but no reply yet. Death seems to be my last hope. I never wanted to end up alone but that is what I am. I was mar­ried for 30 years and then to be aban­doned like this is more than I can take, why did God not even answer that prayer to bring my hus­band back and not get a divorce, I always thought and it is in the bible that God hates divorce, yet mine was final any­way with all the faith and pray­ing I did. Then oth­ers say it must not have been in Gods plan what i am so con­fused i thought God hated divorce, How do I do the things peo­ple sug­gest with no job no money and no car and what faith in great­ness I had is all but gone now. My life has no pur­pose any­more I raised my kids and they are grown and have fam­i­lies of there own now and my dream of grow­ing old with my hus­band are just that now a big dream that will never come true now, was it so hard to ask to grow old with the man you loved more than anythng. Why did God let that other woman come in and take him away with all her money and temp­ta­tions. Does any­one really get it that if and when I wear out my wel­come on friends and fam­i­lies couches its the streets for me. I now under­stand how peo­ple become home­less. I have always given to the home­less when­ever I would see one. I only hope when I fall into the streets some­one will remem­ber me. Or maybe that is how I will die, mugged raped killed on the street, and no one will no whether or not I am alive or dead. But in the mean­time I will keep pray­ing for for­give­ness of my sins because we are all sin­ners and that is why Jesus died on the cross for us and ask God to have pity on me and let me come see him to end my pain.

    • Deb­bie! Please go find a good fun­da­men­tal inde­pen­dent bap­tist church. Speak to some­one there and find a church fam­ily that will sup­port you and lead you on the path with God in the right way with peo­ple who have expe­ri­enced what your are right now! These peo­ple will help you walk in the right way with Lord and help you get your life in order once again. This is always your best hope when it seems all hope is lost! Your life belongs to The Lord and only he can take it! Please don’t take your life…follow what I’ve said and I promise if you do it things will change!

    • Deb­bie don’t give up, maybe just maybe there’s a turn around com­ming soon. Gods mer­cies are new every morn­ing .Its in Lamen­ta­tions 3 rd chap. Con­tinue to seek the Lord Almighty for His inter­ven­tion into your ter­ri­ble situation.Don’t give up !

  2. I am fail­ing my fam­ily ive been outa work for almost a year . i sit and feel sorry for self my wife sup­ports us. i have never felt so low and far from god. I pray god guides me to a bet­ter life before my son ( now 8 ) knows what a fail­ure his father is . i could not live with the thought that he would look at me like that . God is the only chance i have the devil con­trols me and i know that God if you hear me push the devil from me and enter my heart and brain . amen

  3. Deb­bie, There are peo­ple pray­ing for you. Try also to find tthe bless­ing amongst all the trou­ble . Like the peo­ple , fam­ily and friends that are there for you , also ask the Lord to give you the GRACE to just face one day at a time .What if God really LOVES YOU the way He says He does in His word , the BIBLE. He Does LOve You Debbie.

  4. am really blessd by the con­ver­sa­tion between these two par­ties and for sure know­ing God is the most pre­cious thing in life.he loved us before we loved him and nomat­ter the situation,he is the clos­est friend who sticks up closer than a brother.he is the only one who has final say over your life.thanks soo much and blsngs.amen.

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