Help Me Find God

Help Me Find God

My friends are you ask­ing help me find god? “Let Not Your Heart Be Trou­bled…“Like mil­lions of Amer­i­can fam­i­lies who fell vic­tim to the severe eco­nomic cri­sis over these past few years, our fam­ily would not be spared from that dis­as­ter. Being con­fronted with the pos­si­bil­ity of los­ing every­thing we worked so hard for and dreamed of hav­ing, our worst fear became real­ity. We indeed lost every­thing. We were at a point where the only thing to do was to help me find God. How­ever what we would later learn and expe­ri­ence from this adver­sity was the incom­pre­hen­si­ble depth of God’s love for us.

Now what? The answer to “Help Me Find God“

In our hearts we knew deep down that every set­back really is a setup for a come­back.  God is good and we knew some­thing good would even­tu­ally come of this one day. But we were con­fronted with hav­ing to deal with the emo­tional chal­lenge of get­ting through every day. Hav­ing to cope with this adver­sity was the great­est chal­lenge we would face.

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Per­haps you are expe­ri­enc­ing grief and heartache in your life and can relate to this. You have some good days and some bad days and a lot of “in between” days. Your life is void of a con­sis­tent daily peace and rest…in other words it’s like you are on a roller coaster ride. help me find god help me godYou can’t find any hap­pi­ness or joy in your life. In look­ing back, one thing was for cer­tain, the love of God was the only unwa­ver­ing part of this jour­ney. At the time we did not real­ize it but God never left us. So when I asked the ques­tion, “Help me find God”?, all I really needed to do was to draw near to Him and God would then draw near to me. It does seem really easy doesn’t it.

“Draw near to God and He will draw near to you”. (James 4:8 NKJV)

It has been a very long jour­ney to get to this point. We feel in our spirit a desire to reach out to peo­ple in a “bad place” and let them know how easy it is if you just turn it ALL over to God, 100% of it. The love God has for you is so deep and He wants you to draw com­fort and strength from Him. If you have chil­dren, then you know how deep your love is for them. Can you imag­ine how deep the love of God is that He cru­ci­fied His Son for YOU? The human mind finds this almost incom­pre­hen­si­ble. Over­whelm­ing, to say the least, isn’t it?

We expe­ri­enced a lot of pain and sleep­less nights along the way. We expe­ri­enced every emo­tion imag­in­able from the pain of depres­sion, despair, iso­la­tion, hope­less­ness, fail­ure, no self-esteem and on and on. It lit­er­ally was tor­ture get­ting through each day. It was only when we real­ized that unless we totally turned over our life to the Lord, we would con­tinue down this mis­er­able path. We had to turn over 100% of our life-situation to Jesus, not 40%, not some of the time or when it suited us to.

You may be won­der­ing what I mean by “tun­ing over 100% of our life to the Lord”? No it does not mean you can no longer watch tele­vi­sion or read the paper or have a glass of wine at din­ner or even go to the movies. It is about a “mind­set”. It is about believ­ing whole-heartedly the promises God has made to us (you included). Isn’t that what faith really is?

Estab­lish­ing A Rela­tion­ship With God — Draw­ing Near To Him

Here’s the bot­tom line, either you are “all in” or not. If you want to live in total peace and rest, then there is no other way…so we went ALL IN. That is, TOTAL unwa­ver­ing faith in Jesus that He will bring us out much bet­ter off than before, that He really will never leave us or for­sake us and that He really is going before us and mak­ing our crooked places straight.

Instead of con­sum­ing our time and energy wor­ry­ing, stress­ing or antic­i­pat­ing what is to come, we began “hit­ting the delete but­ton” to all these neg­a­tive thoughts and wasted energy. Dear God Please Help Me (By the way, that is how we live our life now.)  We needed to stop the insan­ity and mad­ness and the only way to do so was to put ALL our wor­ries on Him.

We focused on the love of God know­ing the promises He made to us…“Come to me, all you who are weary and bur­dened, and I will give you rest”. (Matthew 11:28 NIV). The bible also says: “Sub­mit to God and be at peace with him; in this way pros­per­ity will come to you. (Job 22:21 NIV). The bot­tom line is when you are at peace and rest, God will make a way for you. But YOU must invite Him in to do so.

Look­ing back, I must say we did not get here alone.  We did not real­ize it but God was always by our side-He never left us. (He is by your side too!) Once we were able to acknowl­edge that, then that is when things started to get bet­ter for us emotionally.

So are you ask­ing your­self, “Help me find God”? Well if things in your life are upside down and you are in a bad place emo­tion­ally, I urge you to take the first step and turn over all your wor­ries and fears to Him. Make it a point that when­ever you begin feel­ing some­thing neg­a­tive, that you are in con­trol of “hit­ting the delete but­ton” and put your focus on the good­ness and the love of God. Invite Him into your life. You have to ini­ti­ate it though. God has given you the free will to decide…so it’s your call. Once you decide to have a rela­tion­ship with God, you will imme­di­ately begin chang­ing your life and good things will start hap­pen­ing to you. Trust me we know.

Remem­ber God Is Good!

I pro­duced a video to the clas­sic song “Bridge Over Trou­bled Water” by Simon and Gar­funkel (at the end of this arti­cle below) that I often lis­ten to. It reminds me of God’s love for us and always lifts my spirits-Enjoy and expe­ri­ence the love of God!

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