Help Me God — Lord Please Help Me

Help Me God, Lord Please Help Me Change My Life

Help me God, Lord please help me you are ask­ing? If you are read­ing this please know your steps have been directed by God. He led you here. How do I know that? I was in your posi­tion where I was cry­ing out “Help me God with my life. Please help me God get rid of the pain and god please helpdepres­sion.” Basi­cally I was ask­ing the same ques­tion, “Help me God for just about every­thing. It wasn’t until I real­ized that God was by my side all along that all I needed to do was allow God into my life. That’s it really. I took an active role in seek­ing God. I was the one who knocked on His Door and He opened it for me and my fam­ily. You see my friend, when you seek God (like you are now), even in the most sub­tle way, you “acti­vate” your faith and God rec­og­nizes that and inter­cedes on your behalf. If you want to turn your life around you will need to make God first place in your life. This is the begin­ning of your jour­ney in Christ.

Help Me God — I Have No Peace In My LIfe

Let’s face who wants to be unhappy or mis­er­able? Today more than ever there are mil­lions of peo­ple strug­gling in life for all sorts of rea­sons and prob­a­bly in their own way cry­ing out help me God, Lord please help me. All look­ing for answers and not find­ing any or at least not find­ing any that will give one a sense of con­sis­tent peace, rest and hap­pi­ness in their life. The more one searches for answers the more they real­ize their prob­lems seem too big to fix.

But when does one actu­ally admit and sub­mit that unless they change some­thing in their life, noth­ing will change? How do you know if you reached this point? Are you cry­ing out “Help me God, Lord please help me? Chances are if you are ask­ing help me God, Keep read­ing→


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