How To Find Inner Peace – Jesus Is In The Midst Of Your Life

How To Find Inner Peace

Are you at a point in your life where you are desperately searching on how to find inner peace? No matter which way you turn you are overwhelmed with emotional turmoil. My friend, it is only when you are at peace and total rest knowing that Jesus goes before you and makes your crooked places straight, you activate your faith and good things begin to happen to you. It’s then and only then you will find true lasting inner peace. Remember no matter how bad things are, the risen Jesus (the Holy Spirit) is in the midst of your problems. Just invite Him into your life and see how quickly things change for you.

How To Find Inner Peace – God Is Waiting For You

Remember God is waiting for YOU to make Him part of your life, not the other way

How to find inner peace with god

How to find inner peace with god

around. He gives your total free will to decide this is what you want and will not interfere. It’s up to you so take a leap of faith now and change your life forever and have a total lasting inner peace and rest.

In John 20:19-20 the Apostles gathered in a room with the doors locked (not yet knowing Christ rose from the dead) in fear of the Jews. Jesus came and stood in the midst, and said to them, “Peace be with you.” (Shalom). When He had said this, He showed them His hands and His side. Then the disciples were glad when they saw the Lord.

shalom peaceHow To Find Inner Peace – Trusting and Resting In Jesus

How To Find Inner Peace Within

How To Find Inner Peace Within

The Disciples went from utter fear to joy in an instant when they saw Jesus. The same can happen to you when you change your focus on whatever troubles you and turn toward Him. Reject negative thoughts and meditate and dwell on God’s love for you.Cast all your fears, worries, anxieties and all that may trouble you on Him. Find your inner peace and rest knowing there is nothing too big for God…nothing!

Consider this your first step in the journey of know Jesus. To learn more of the heart of the True Godtrue God check out this article by clicking on the image >>>.


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  2. I have just been reading the categories giving thanks and this has opened my eyes to what I must do to help change my life. I have asked God into my life and to change my life for the better but I must help God by thinking my life will get better and not on all the things that are wrong with my life your website has help me so much more then going to church a big thank-you.

  3. God give me another chance heal me from all the disease heal my body give me strength guide my family in the right direction help me to get closer to you i need you in my lifes come into my lifes

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