Jesus Help Me Please

Jesus Help Me Please

Today are you in des­per­ate need of help and ask­ing Jesus help me please? Maybe you expe­ri­enced a loss of a job and you are strug­gling finan­cially, your mar­riage is fail­ing, or there is a sick­ness you are deal­ing with and you are totally over­whelmed by your present life sit­u­a­tion. No mat­ter what you try to do, noth­ing seems to change for the bet­ter and in fact only appear to be get­ting worse. You may be at a point where you asked “Jesus help me please” or you already asked Jesus help me and you have received no answer. Depres­sion has set in and you are ready to give up on life. But seek first the king­dom of God and His right­eous­ness, and all these things shall be added to you. Matthew 6:33

Jesus I need your help

Jesus Help Me Get My Life Back — I Need Your Help!

The mere fact you are here read­ing this is tes­ti­mony that you have already begun seeking Help Me FInd God and God Please Help MeGod and that’s a won­der­ful first step in the jour­ney to find God and have Him in your life. But you need to take another small step if you desire to have things change in your life now. That is, you need to draw near to God and invite Him into your life and make Him a per­ma­nent “res­i­dent” in every­thing you do. Once you take this step, you acti­vate your faith and God will draw near to you and things will begin to change.

Jesus Help Me Estab­lish A Rela­tion­ship With You Today

So how can I estab­lish a rela­tion­ship with God you ask? The first thing I rec­om­mend is get into the word of God every­day and med­i­tate and “feed” on it. Check out our blog and the arti­cles on this site. This doesn’t have to be a lengthy or com­pli­cated process (and don’t

God Please Help Me

make it one). Take a minute or two out each and every day to give thanks to God for some­thing (any­thing). Surely you have some­thing to give God thanks for. The more time you spend in the word of God the closer you will draw near to Him and the more God will inter­vene in your life and will pour out His abun­dance of favor on you.

Remem­ber that God is not a vend­ing machine and wants you to want Him in your life. and have a rela­tion­ship with Him. So you just can’t “hit up God” like you would a vend­ing machine when you need some­thing quick to eat and all of a sud­den expect all you prob­lems will be fixed. No it doesn’t work that way.

Your Heav­enly Father Knows What All Your Needs Are

God promises that when you seek first His king­dom and His right­eous­ness, ALL things shall be added to you. God makes this promise to us all and would never make a promise He would not keep.

“For after all these things the Gen­tiles seek. For your heav­enly Father knows that you need all these things. 33 But seek first the king­dom of God and His right­eous­ness, and all these things shall be added to you. 34 There­fore do not worry about tomor­row, for tomor­row will worry about its own things. Suf­fi­cient for the day is its own trou­ble.” Matthew 6:32–34

So today, con­tinue to seek the king­dom of God. Make God first place in your life and find rest and peace in Him and make today a day to remember.

Jesus Help Me Prayer

Lord Jesus, you said all things are pos­si­ble if you believe. You said you will never leave me nor for­sake me. I ask you Lord Jesus to please come into my life and dwell in me and I will rest on you know­ing you go before me and make my crooked places straight. I ask this in Jesus’ name-Amen”

I pro­duced a video to the clas­sic song “Bridge Over Trou­bled Water” by Simon and Gar­funkel. It reminds me of God’s love for us and always lifts my spirits-Enjoy and expe­ri­ence the love of God!

9 thoughts on “Jesus Help Me Please

  1. Lord,
    For­give all sin’s and mis­take that i’ve done for You, also to other’s help me always to make things right, help me for the work that you have given to me and I really thank­ful for the job that you have given me, Lord pro­tect me from those peo­ple around me who con­demned and per­se­cute me; O Holy Spirit guide me always and be there for me spe­cially in time of need, please give me the strength let the days passed by with you’re grace and mercy… amen.

  2. Please pray for me, my mar­riage is falling apart, my beau­ti­ful 22 year old daugh­ter is send­ing naked photo’s to men and she is drink­ing and who knows what else. My hus­band is blind to all her faults and blame me of spy­ing etc. I don’t know where to go but to our Heav­enly Father. I feel help­less and alone.

  3. I turn and did a stu­pid self­ish thing. I am still here and need for­give­ness so bad but can God for­give when we sin over the top. I know now how wrong it was but am just not get­ting help. Jesus for­give me for my self­ish­ness my sins my suicide.

  4. Lord for­give me as I have learnt that only you can for­give me I have gone astray in many ways and today I ask for a spe­cial prayer to walk the path that you have set for us and lead me not into temp­ta­tion let me fol­low your ways and live the way that you have inspired us to live now and for­ever Amen

  5. lord please help me out of this life of mis­ery and suf­fer­ing I have gone astray and real­ize my wrong and seek your for­give­ness you are the ever-loving and most for­giv­ing and I know that you came here to save us not leave us please lord help me find my way back and live accord­ing to your will Amen

  6. Jesus please help me with the ongo­ing prob­lems I have with my com­pany.
    Please help take the stress and the pres­sure that I have to deal with everyday.Please help me pro­vide for my fam­ily and be there for them every­day. Thank you Lord Amen

  7. Dear God,
    I an a sin­ner!! im mis­er­able now and i know i deserve what i am get­ting! i am so des­per­ate of my sit­u­a­tion and i know only You under­stand what my feel­ings are. I am so sorry for all the wrong i have done in my life, life has been mis­er­able to us, i was blinded by my fail­ures and sort to face it on my own.. I have com­mited griev­ous sins and i dont have the courage to face You my Lord. Will you still for­give me? i really want to change. Please my Lord i am throw­ing myself at Your feet for Your Grace alone can save me… i dont know where to start my God, please help me find the right way and right deci­sion… Help me Lord!!! Help me please…

    • Take a minute a read this arti­cle. »>click

      Please know that Christ died on the cross to wash away ALL your sins. You have already been for­given. Stop con­demn­ing your­self as con­dem­na­tion is NOT from our lord and sav­ior Jesus Christ.

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