Why Doesn’t God Answer My Prayers

Why Doesn’t God Answer My Prayers-Will God Help Me?

The ques­tion of Why doesn’t God answer my prayers, is one you often hear peo­ple ask. A lot peo­ple say they pray to God for answers but their prayers go unan­swered thus lead­ing them fur­ther into depres­sion, frus­tra­tion or anx­i­ety, etc. For some, they aban­don God entirely which is sad. And for some It seems when things are not going well is typ­i­cally when they come to the Lord for spir­i­tual guid­ance. No that’s not a bad thing. I gather by the fact your are read­ing this you have decided to come to Christ for answers. So if you are ask­ing, “Will God help me?” or, “When will God help me?” or even won­der­ing why doesn’t God answer my prayers, then the fol­low­ing story will shed light to the rea­son why you are not get­ting a response from Him. And how it easy it is to change your way and draw near to Him.

Why Doesn’t God Answer My Prayers — God Please Help Me?

There is a story told about a very rich and pow­er­ful busi­ness man, (we’ll call him Bob) who was very select in whom he would give audi­ence to, sim­ply because He was so rich and pow­er­ful that He could do what­ever he wanted, when­ever he wanted.

Rich and pow­er­ful men sought audi­ence with him, peo­ple in high polit­i­cal offices desired his coun­cil. But Bob rarely gave audi­ences to any of them. No one, not even his Admin­is­tra­tive Assis­tants could gain entrance to his office when he put out the word that he was not to be dis­turbed under any circumstances.

How­ever, there were two peo­ple who barged into his office freely when­ever they wanted. Regard­less of how busy Bob was, no mat­ter what he was involved in, his eight year old son Bob Jr., and his six year old daugh­ter Sarah. They were the only ones that could barge into his office when­ever they wanted. No mat­ter how busy he was, Bob would stop what he was doing, open his arms wide, and he would hug his two chil­dren as they flew into his arms. There was no greater joy in Bob’s life than his chil­dren, any time day or night, his chil­dren could com­mand his atten­tion. Keep Read­ing → Why Doesn’t God Answer My Prayers

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